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During the previous years, it became obvious that multimedia content is a sector rapidly evolving. Its form and way of presentation adjusts to new standards and needs posed by the different advances in technology. Trends are strongly bound to new interfaces and intuitive designs, usually connected with ideas previously unimaginable. Interactive Cinema & TV for mobile devices the next step in how audiences will experience cinema and television and this is the reason why Playcompass Entertainment has been developing a revolutionary platform presenting this new era to an international audience.
ActivePlay is an interactive Cinema & Television platform designed initially for the iOS. It features and hosts interactive movies and TV series where creators can monetize their content easily. The idea behind ActivePlay is that the audience can choose a movie or an episode, watch it and make decisions on the course of events that are going to happen, leading each time to a different ending. ActivePlay aspires to bring interactive elements to conventional content and create a next generation of multimedia content distribution.

Types of cinematic content hosted on ActivePlay


Platform status

Episode Editor & Hosting
iOS Application
Android Application
Windows Phone Application


The greatest multimedia experience after the invention of 3D Cinema

Lazaros Vrysis


The team

Lazaros Vrysis
iOS development specialist with over 5 years of experience developing next gen solutions. With a special focus on Sound Engineering, Lazaros spends his time making the impossible possible.

George Kalmpourtzis
George is a lead game designer for European gaming studios, with a focus on gaming. With a mixed background on technical and arts, he focuses on the design of innovative learning experiences.

Fragkiskos Katsimpas
Fragkiskos is the Yoda of Objective-C. He gives great emphasis on clear and structured code and TDD while trying to optimize performance of any app he develops.

George Ketsiakidis
George is film & TV director with experience in interactive content. He is involved with cinematography for educational purposes, organising presentations and lectures on this field.